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Let's get you the rest you've been dreaming of

Pediatric sleep and wellbeing specialist

I got you, mama

I'm Noeline, and I help tired parents get more sleep and better rest without sleep training.

I'm an internationally certified pediatric sleep specialist with a history as a health professional and most importantly, a mama of two. So, I've been where you are!

I've supported families from all over the world leaving each one feeling more confident, informed, rested and connected to their child than before our work began.

Whether you need guidance in solving a challenging sleep situation, or just some clarity in the midst of all the information overwhelm on the internet, you're in the right place! 

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Wake window & Sleepy cues

Free Guide

Finding your baby's unique sleep rhythms can be tricky, but I'm here to help!

Grab your FREE guide here:

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Safe Sleep & Bed sharing

Free Guide

Set your little one up for safe sleep in their cot or in your bed.

Get your FREE guide here:

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Nap Transition

Free Guide

Learn when & HOW to drop a nap with this FREE guide!

Download here:

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"To be very honest, booking with you was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I was always so focused on my child's sleep, but you've opened my eyes to all the other aspects of parenting- Routine, discipline, temperament, self-care!

Your help, support and influence has been such a great investment for our family!!

- Lizaan
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" Thank you for all the valuable information you shared. you shared it in such a way that was easy to understand, and certainly helped this new mama feel much more at ease about what to expect.

It was truly awesome! It felt like just chatting with a friend, but I learned so much"

- Christelle

"Noeline has a wonderful, calming presence and gave me the confidence to implement what I learned with my child. She is also very good at gathering relevant information about your sleep situation and family to ensure the advice is tailored to your unique situation."

- Roche

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How do I help families improve sleep without

Sleep Training?

As a certified baby-led sleep and well being specialist & Holistic sleep coach, it's all about optimising sleep while understanding what is developmentally appropriate for your child.

I'll help you burn the baby-book and ditch the stress about how your baby "should" be sleeping and work with you to find solutions that actually work for your unique baby. And we do all of this without compromising responsiveness for even a minute.

I believe in the power of being well informed so you can make confident choices for your family. I aim to leave you feeling less stress and pressure around your baby's sleep, so you can actually start enjoying this season of parenthood. All while improving sleep and optimising rest along the way


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