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how can I help you get more rest, today?

My Services

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Restful Sleeper Course

The Restful sleeper course was designed and put together with you in mind. Helping you know fact from fiction in the overwhelming and confusing world of infant sleep, you will leave this course feeling informed, confident, reassured and more connected to your child. Most importantly, you'll have the tools to help take your child's sleep from stressful to restful, getting more sleep and better rest without compromising responsiveness.

Best of all: You get lifetime access!

Quick contact

Ideal for families who just need some reassurance, information or to pick my brain about a few things.

Parents who may need some guidance through smaller changes or getting back on track after illness, leaps or sleep progressions or who needs to know "is this normal?" or "am I doing something wrong?"

One-on-One coaching

I offer three 1:1 coaching options where you get full support in making necessary changes to help your family get more sleep.

These packages include a detailed intake form (assessment); sleep education and recommendations; follow up contact and loads of exclusive information.

Working with me is not just about sleep, but a journey in parenting and strengthening your relationship with your child.

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If you can accept the normalcy of your young child's sleep patterns, and if you can tune in to your little one instead of the clock or the other children in your community, motherhood almost always becomes easier and way more enjoyable.

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